ServiceBus Next Available

You can combine singleton and concurrent processing in a queuing solution by using servicebus sessions. When sending messages to the servicebus, set SessionId equal to the unique Id of the client. On receiving messages from the servicebus, set SessionId to Next Available.

BizTalk 2016 Relay Endpoint

In this post, I want to describe a hybrid integration scenario where a BizTalk 2016 service is exposed to Azure using a service bus relay. Note that the relay is not found under Service Bus, but under resource named Relays. This may be a point of confusion. First you will have to create a relay…

Finding the Servicebus Queue

I had to troubleshoot an Azure App Services solution that I didn’t develop myself. In the solution a message was sent by a web app to a servicebus queue named From4PS_queue. This action activated a logic app with a servicebus queue trigger. The question was: which servicebus queue is used? In the Azure Portal I…