Cloud Adoption Scenarios

A s of now most midcap businesses don’t ask themselves if they wanna go to the cloud. They wonder when and how to move to the cloud. The business case for cloud adoption has many sides. Cloud adoption is simply not a one-trick pony. You can achieve significant cost savings over a traditional data center or you can quickly build robust, resilient applications that can scale up and down as traffic spikes or recedes.

An Azure iPaaS solution typically consists of Logic Apps, Functions, API Management, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grid, Azure Storage and Azure SQL. We can also create a hybrid platform where BizTalk remains the primary system for on-premises integration. In other words, you may consider an Azure integration solution when there’s less need for internal integration or more need for external integration. Think of the following use cases:

  • You have a monolithic application on premise that is becoming ever more expensive to support and inflexible to change. Think of a mainframe system, a large ERP implementation or a custom legacy application. You want to move this application to the cloud. In this case you can either use a SaaS application, rebuild the application using services or deploy a low-code solution like OutSystems. The more primary systems are moved to the cloud, the more appropriate a cloud integration solution becomes.
  • You are running out of your Enterprise Agreement license for BizTalk Server. Whether or not you can replace an on-premises integration solution depends on the fact whether you have a lot of primary systems on-premises. It doesn’t make sense to have all primary systems on-premises and your integration solution in the cloud.
  • There’s a need to simplify or professionalize the interaction with external clients, suppliers or other partners. You may want to onboard new clients fast and easy. API Management let’s you do all of this in a controlled way with a clear repository and centralized policies for security and other important matters.
  • You want to react quickly to a new market opportunity that arises. Instead of implementing a time consuming on-premises solution, you build an agile clooud solution.