Azure Bid

T he architect has a substantive role in the sales phase. You don’t wanna put all decisions in the commercial hands of a sales executive. What’s the functional scope? What’s a realistic cost estimate? What are the risks? What is a reasonable bid? WTF*CK are we talking about?

Project Delivery

  • Business First. Convince the client of clever IT investments to achieve strategic business goals. Innovation can be good, but always consider the costs and risks.
  • Work under Architecture. All development should take place in support of a clear vision so that the desired endstate can be reached step-by-step.
  • Work Agile. It’s just not realistic to know and plan everything upfront via a waterfall approach. Priorities change, actual work differs from estimates, the truth is always in the middle. A fixed price contract will not guarantee financial control. 
  • Give Insight into Costs. Pricing is not an after thought, but one of the most important contraints to take into account when designing your solution.
  • Always Consider Business Continuity. Cloud migration is good, but the show must go on at all times.
  • Involve Support from the Start. Prepare for good monitoring and error handling. Azure falls short on these aspects. Consider using Serverless360.

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