Cloud Quick Scan

  1. Is cloud adoption part of your annual IT plan? Did you reserve budget for it?
  2. What are your main drivers to go to the cloud? Cost savings? Innovation? Agility?
  3. Do you see cloud adoption as a project or as a change process?
  4. Do you believe your primary systems and data can be moved to the cloud? Do you see security risks, competitive reasons or other reasons not to go to the public cloud?
  5. Do you accept a transition period where you have some overlap between your on-prem environment and your cloud environment. This can temporarily bring extra costs, but it will guarantee business continuity.
  6. The cloud is a fast changing world. Do you accept a certain level of risk in return for innovation and added value?
  7. Does your company have (potential) cloud ambassadors. Think of architect(s), IT managers, business managers or the management board.
  8. Is your IT department willing and capable to make the change to the cloud? Are you looking for an external cloud partner?
  9. Does your company have a Microsoft-unless strategy? What’s your attitude towards Microsoft technology?
  10. Did you read about Azure or even perform some research on the subject? Are you already using Azure services like Office365?