Daemon tools (ISO)

Om een ISO file te kunnen openen, kun je de ISO file op CD/DVD branden, maar je kunt de iso file ook koppelen aan een virtual drive. Hieronder een korte beschrijving van hoe het werkt.

After installing Daemon Tools, open the program and you should see a little icon with a red lightning bolt on your system tray.

  • Right click on that icon and go to “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM”
  • This step may not be necessary because it should be set by default. Go to “Set number of devices” and set it to “1″, you have created your virtual drive. The program will give the virtual drive it’s own drive letter mine happens to “Drive E”
  • So now we can mount our ISO, right click on the icon again and go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM > Device 0: > Mount image
  • All you have to do now is browse for the iso image and click “Open” now your iso file should be opened