Logic App Standard versus Logic App Consumption

In this post, I want to share some findings on Logic App Standard. Not a definitive guide, but food for thought. My two cents: Standard Logic Apps are definitely more complex. An advice could be to use Standard Logic Apps only when you need to access on-prem resources via API Management. In that case, VNet integration could be a security requirement.

  • Standard Logic Apps are single tenant, not multi-tenant. Isolation can be good for security, reliability and performance.
  • Standard Logic App has reserved capacity and dedicated resources. That’s why a Standard Logic App needs to be deployed to an App Service Plan. This makes Standard Logic Apps a very expensive option. See the pricing model below. In theory it’s possible to use the same App Service Plan for different logic apps. This results in a very complex model, which makes it hard to troubleshoot performance problems when those occur. Auto scaling is not an option.
  • Standard Logic Apps are required for VNet integration (instead of ISE). Think of the differences however. Consumption tier means you have an encrypted communication channel over the public internet. Standard tier means you communicate over the Azure backbone. Which is more secure, but only required for high security. In modern applications Identity and Access Management (via Azure AD) is preferred over network security.
  • Standard Logic Apps hold multiple workflows like Function Apps. You can use stateful workflows next to stateless workflows. In theory stateless workflows are best for workflows with max duration under 5 minutes. In practice, I would rarely make use of stateful workflows.
  • Standard Logic Apps have changed, limited, unavailable, or unsupported capabilities, but the limited capabilities don’t need to be blocking. Zie: Logic App Tiers Comparison
  • Standard Logic Apps can be developed in Visual Studio Code. A developer performed a POC and reported back that Visual Studio Code is not optimal.
  • Standard Logic Apps are not easily deployed by ARM, Bicep, or Terraform. Terraform has some workflow modules, however they are highly impractical. The only feasible way is to deploy Standard Logic Apps from a package. A developer reported back that he was able to deploy a simple workflow, however I could not get it to deploy a parameterized LAS with connections. Logic App Connections require separate JSON files.

Standard has fixed pricing model (no pay-as-you-go):