Data Driven Enterprise

Nowadays, corporate data are a very important asset. Listen to the last episode of my PodBean podcast TwoCents On Air. Here, I will reflect on how we can unify the world of BI and integration.

The opportunities for collaboration at the technical level are very limited. We can create one common service interface with a GET ALL data method and a GET ALL CHANGES method. It doesn’t make sense to create a common data ingestion pipeline though. Creating one data ingestion pipeline would make BI dependent on Integration or Integration dependent on BI. Moreover, Integration needs data in cannonical format and BI needs data in raw format. And last but not least, from experience we can tell there are no big cost savings when creating one data ingestion pipeline.

What other opportunities do we have for collaboration? Well, you can align your Data architecture with your BI architecture and Integration architecture. You use the DAMA DM-BOK framework for that and get the best value from your data.

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