Servicebus Tooling in Serverless360

At the Composite Application Overview screen, you can click the [Manage] button to see the run details per application resource. From the Detail screen, you will not only get an overview tab with all the resources in your application. You will also get separate tabs for each and every resource. If you open the tab for a servicebus topic, you will see a circle with dots at the far right where you will get an overview of the actions you can perform on servicebus topics.

From here you can for instance get a list of the topic subscriptions. Again you will find a circle with dots at the far right. Here you can for instance view and edit the subscription rules.

Another important scenario is where you want to peek or defer messages from the servicebus dead letter queue. Click the particular queue to get to a screen with three tabs: Messages, Dead-Letter and Deferred Dead-Letter. Click the Dead-Letter tab. You can retrieve messages in peek-lock mode or defer messages. When you defer messages, they will no longer be available to other applications. You can only resubmit or delete deferred messages from Serverless360. So, select Defer, enter a message count and if you like an error reason as well.

If you select one or more messages, you can actually delete, resubmit or save/download the message. If you click on one of the messages, you can actually view and change the message content and properties for resubmitting directly or at a later stage.

Automatic resubmit or delete from the dead letter queue is also possible. Select menu option Activities from the left hand side. The Create drop-down at the top ley’s you create a Dead Letter Activity. This way you can resubmit without manual intervention.

You can for instance delete all TTL expired messages or resubmit messages with certain characteristics (= selection criteria). You can directly resubmit or schedule the resubmit.

The Send Message activity can be used to test a logic app by sending messages to a servicebus one-by-one or in batch. Can be of great help as well.