Restore BizTalk SQL Server Databases

BizTalk maakt gebruik van transaction log mark backups. Use the following procedure to recover the BizTalk databases to a marked transaction state. 1. Restore the most recent full database backup of each database. 2. Identify the most recent marked transaction that is available in all of the transaction log backups. This information is stored in the logmarkhistory table in the msdb database on each server. Query: Select * from msdb.dbo.logmarkhistory order by mark_time desc 3. Identify the log backups for all related databases that contain this mark. 4. Restore each log backup, stopping at the marked transaction. 5. Recover each database. Bestudeer de volgende link: Recovery of Related Databases That Contain Marked Transaction Noot: The only supported method of creating a back-up of the BizTalk databases is by using the Backup BizTalk Server job. By default BizTalk creates a log backup every 15 minutes and a full backup once a day. Worst case 96 log files and a full backup have to be restored (for multiple databases) manually. Two hours might not be enough to do this manually. It is recommended to automate the restore procedure.