ReviewTracker via Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that let’s you create workflows between your apps and services. I used Zapier to collect client reviews for the Van Gogh Museum from Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor. All these reviews are added to a single platform, the so-called ReviewTracker Platform. ReviewTracker created both a trigger and an action for Zapier. That’s why clients can use ReviewTracker from Zapier, once they are signed up. On signing up, clients receive a ReviewTrackers account that can be used to connect to Review Tracker services.

Help Article: Zapier Integration Guide

Zapier works by creating zaps. Go to: When creating a new zap, you will have to specify a trigger and one or more actions. We are using a specific trigger created by ReviewTrackers named New Review Zap. This means that when a new review is published to ReviewTrackers, the configured action is executed. In this case the action is a call to a logic app via a WebHook POST action. In other words: Whenever a new review is published to ReviewTrackers, a LogicApp named StoreReviewTrackersReview is called.
In the logic app we can add code to store the review in blob storage.

In this case, we don’t use action New Email Request Zap. We could use this action to send a mail with links that guide you to the review page of Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor. Another example would be to automatically email a customer when a new opportunity is closed in SalesForce.