Download App Content for Functions

It can come in handy to download functions from the Azure Portal. Click on your function app and click button [Download app content].

If the download is not activated, go to Settings / Advanced / Content Settings / Popups / Allow (in Google Chrome). A file will be downloaded without a file extension. Manually add .zip to the file name. Now you will have a zip file with the contents of your function app. In Visual Studio you will have a project template Azure Functions under Cloud. If not, check if Azure Functions and Web Job Tools is installed under Tools / Extensions and Updates.

Create an empty solution, add the downloaded project file with the functions.

  • Benefits of developing functions in Visual Studio:
  • Edit, build, and run functions on your local development computer.
  • Publish your Azure Functions project directly to Azure.
  • Use WebJobs attributes to declare function bindings directly in the C# code instead of maintaining a separate function.json for binding definitions.
  • Develop and deploy pre-compiled C# functions. Pre-complied functions provide a better cold-start performance than C# script-based functions.
  • Code your functions in C# while having all of the benefits of Visual Studio development.

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