EDIFACT documents having EANCOM specification

I continued having an error when processing an EDI message: Invalid count specified at interchange, group, or message levels A closer look revealed there’s an EANCOM version specified in the UHN segment. The value is EAN007 (field 2, element 5): UNH+00132143000001+ORDERS:D:93A:UN:EAN007‘ When UNH2.5 is present in the EDIFACT message, it is being used for schema lookup. In order for schema lookup to succeed, you need an EDIFACT message with root node EFACT_D93A_ORDERS_EAN007. That’s the problem. The standard EDIFACT schemas have a root node EFACT_D93A_ORDERS (without EAN version). For each D03B_ORDERS with a different UNH2.5 segment, you will have to deploy another schema. Also be aware that there is a difference between the EDIFACT schemas and the EANCOM schemas. The EANCOM schema is a subset of the EDIFACT schema. When you use the EANCOM schema (EAN94), you might receive errors that indicate there’s an invalid message supplied: Error encountered during parsing. The Edifact transaction set with id ‘00132143000001’ contained in interchange (without group) with id ‘132143’, with sender id ‘4025249000006’, receiver id ‘8714231140016’ is being suspended with following errors:\r\n Error: 1 (Field level error)\r\n\tSegmentID: RFF\r\n\tPosition in TS: 7\r\n\tData Element ID: C50601\r\n\t Position in Segment: 2\r\n\tPosition in Field: 1\r\n\tData Value: VA\r\n\t12: Invalid value in data element\r\n\r\n Error: 2 (Field level error)\r\n\tSegmentID: CUX\r\n\tPosition in TS: 11\r\n\tData Element ID: C50402\r\n\t Position in Segment: 2\r\n\tPosition in Field: 2\r\n\tData Value: EUR\r\n\ After deploying the schema with the new root node to the Azure Integration Account, you can adjust the Receive settings of the agreement. Note that we can add multiple ORDER schemas to one and the same agreement. Clients may use different versions of the ORDER message. You also specify the identifiers for the host partner and the guest partner in your agreement. That means you need to use the same identifiers with different message versions. See the Interchange Header record (UNB). In the below situation you have identifier 14, guest partner id 4025249000006 and host partner id 8714231140016: UNA:+.? ‘ UNB+UNOA:3+4025249000006:14+8714231140016:14+180620:2005+132143′ Next you can successfully run your logic app with the EDIFACT Decode step.