Azure Portal Dashboard

For Azure first line support it can come in very handy to create a dashboard in Azure. As an example we created the following dashboard at my current client A. Hak: As you can see, I’m showing the run history of a few important logic apps in text as wel as a few graphical charts showing the failed/succeeded logic app runs for a high-level overview. To add these tiles to the dashboard, you will have to take a different approach. First, to add the textual run history, click [Edit Dashboard] and select Type / Logic Apps in the Tile Gallery. Now you can select the Logic App you want and drag the run history onto the dashboard. See the screen print below: To add the chart for the Logic App, you will have to take a different approach. Look for the Logic App and open the Logic App blade. Next select Monitoring Metrics. As you can see in the screen print below, I selected runs succeeded and runs failed as the metrics to display. Note that you can also change period for which you want to display the metrics. Next you can use the highlighted button [Pin to Dashboard] to add the chart to the dashboard. There you go.