The server-side API Controller

Back to Content The angular.js file contains client side code. If you look at the Save() function you can see how you can call server-side code by using AJAX: $http({ method: ‘POST’, url: ‘api/Planning/PostPlanning/’, data: $scope.Planning }) We have defined an API controller named Planning with a method PostPlanning to which we pas the model object Planning. You can find the code of the server-side API controller in the Controller folder next to the client-side MVC controller. The model object Planning is contained in the folder Model and has the same format as the Angular.js object Planning. namespace Nav4PS.Controllers { public class PlanningController : ApiController { // POST api/<controller> public string PostPlanning(Planning item) { //Code to post bijstelling Planning_OS_XOPRequest planberichtFull; PlanberichtXOPType planbericht; ChannelFactory<Planning_OS_XOPChannel> factory; Planning_OS_XOPChannel channel; try { planberichtFull = new Planning_OS_XOPRequest(); planbericht = new PlanberichtXOPType(); planbericht.OpdrachtID = item.opdrachtid; planbericht.Versienummer = item.versienummer; if (item.typeTijdstip == Nav4PS.Models.PlanningTijdstipType.Beletmelding) { BeletType beletMelding = new BeletType(); beletMelding.Contacttijdstip = DateTime.Parse(item.contacttijdstip); beletMelding.TypeContactpoging = (DSPPlanningReference.TypeContactpogingType)item.typeContactpoging; beletMelding.Opmerking = item.opmerking; planbericht.Item = beletMelding; } else { PlanningType planning = new PlanningType(); planning.TypeTijdstip = (DSPPlanningReference.PlanningTijdstipType)item.typeTijdstip; planning.Starttijd = DateTime.Parse(System.String.Concat(item.startdatum, ” “, item.starttijd, “:00″)); planning.Eindtijd = DateTime.Parse(System.String.Concat(item.einddatum, ” “, item.eindtijd, “:00”)); planning.Redencode = (DSPPlanningReference.RedencodeType)item.redencode; planning.Toelichting = item.toelichting; planning.IsOpdrachtgeverBenodigd = (item.isBenodigd == “true” ? true : false); planbericht.Item = planning; } planberichtFull.Planbericht = planbericht; … } Back to Content