Deploy Logic App from Visual Studio

If you deploy a logic app from Visual Studio, you may run into problems. In this specific case I entered a WDL expression as the body of a Http Action:  @{decodeBase64(actionBody(‘GetDocument’)._buffer)} After deploying the Logic App from Visual Studio, I looked at the Logic App in the Azure Portal. The code view looked OK, but in Design view the expression seemed to be replaced by actionBody(‘GetDocument’)._buffer. Strange. If I look at the run details of the Logic App run, the input document is different: Correct: { “uri”: “”, “method”: “post”, “body”: “…” } Incorrect: { “uri”: “”, “method”: “query”, “queries”: { “document”: “…” } The solution of the problem is easy. Open the Logic App in the Azure Portal. In design view paste the code expression in the body of the http action, and voila, it works again. To keep the code in the Azure Portal and in Visual Studio consistent, you can – as a workaround – copy the code behind from the Azure Portal to Visual Studio. I couldn’t really tell the difference, but after doing that, Visual Studio Design View suddenly looked the same as the Azure Portal Design View. I could also successfully redeploy again. No idea what’s happening here.