ARM resourceId Function

In its basic form, we need to provide just two pieces of information to the resourceId function: Resource type and resource name. We must add add subscription id and resource group name in situations where the resource is in a different resource group.

ARM Nested Templates

Nested templates are needed when you create related resources via two separate pipelines, ie a servicebus topic and a servicebus topic subscription. The dependency relation between the resources in the different pipelines is achieved via nested templates.

ARM DependsOn

ARM template syntax related to dependency relations: use function resourceId with separate parameters for servicebus, topic and subscription name, not one parameter with a nested reference.

Expose Azure Function via API Management

When exposing an Azure Function via API Management, the most important thing to remember is that each function has a function key that can be dynamically retrieved via function listsecrets. To make the function deployment work, you will have to add an application Setting AzureWebJobsSecretStorageType=Files to your FunctionApp.