API Management VNet Integration

Initiallly, API Management (APIM) could only be hosted in the public cloud. Currently we can also use VNet integration to host APIM in a private VNet. You can either use external mode or internal mode. In external mode APIM can be publicly accessed. In internal mode APIM can only be accessed from within the VNet.…

Saga Pattern

A Saga maintains data consistency across multiple services by using a sequence of local transactions, so without using (ACID) distributed transactions. As an example, think of an e-commerce store where customers can only create orders when their credit limit is not exceeded.

Shared Database Pattern

Microservices typically have their own database in order to be decoupled from other services. But we can also use a single database that is shared by multiple services. This is the shared database pattern. With a shared database, each service can freely access data owned by other services using local ACID transactions.

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is a powerful tool that is optimized to search, monitor and analyze data. Splunk can process both unstructured, structured and complex multi-line data. The three main components are: data ingestion, data search, and data visualization.

Dapr versus Service Mesh

Modern applications are typically architected as distributed collections of microservices. As the collection of microservices grows in size and complexity, it can become harder to understand and route message traffic between services. That’s where Dapr and service meshes come in.