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F inding the right answers starts with asking the right questions. Or maybe we just need to accept that the right answers don’t exist and that there should always be a lively debate.

So take a minute. Nowadays everyone is talking about digital transformation. but what does it actually mean? Digital transformation can be as simple as using better tools for collaboration such as Teams or Zoom or it can be agile IT. But to me, digital transformation is more of a holistic concept that consists of three critical areas (Thoughtworks, Macro Trends in the Tech Industry 2020):

  • Mobilize IT to be a core competency and differentiator.
  • Create an agile organization that can quickly respond to changes in the competitive landscape.
  • Always focus on delivering customer value.
  • Don’t lose yourself in all kinds of projects aimed at maintaining daily operations.

Now let’s move to integration. In the Microsoft world it’s very popular to say “Let’s move BizTalk to the cloud”. But is it just a question of lift-and-shift? Are we not just creating the next legacy mud ball? Where does the real transformation actually start and stop? Quoting ThoughtWorks again: “Cloud architecture is a difficult new field of expertise and teams need to learn how to deploy, evolve, maintain and improve their cloud-based systems. This is something that takes time and much more thought than “just throw the stuff on Azure”.

And finally there’s the agile way of working. We all sort of understand agile development in a scrum team. But do we really need and use extreme programming practices to become innovative? And how does architecture fit in the picture? Do we still have big upfront intentional architecture or do we have emergent architecture or maybe a mixture of both?

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