Go Agile

A gile is a buzzword often preached, but not always practiced. Maybe you could even state that you shouldn’t always live up to the agile paradigm in a strict sense, because it can be very time consuming to have a daily standup, planning sessions, retrospectives, demos, etc. etc. I also strongly doubt whether self-organized teams really exist. Maybe we still need traditional project managers. No offence, it’s just a matter of doing what you like most and sticking to your trade. Anyhow, look for the middleground when it comes to working agile.

Agile Architecture

A set of values, principles and practices that support the active evolution of system architecture and design while implementing new system capabilities (SAFe).

  • Balances intentional architecture and evolutionary design.
  • Achitectural Guidance & Technical Enablement
  • Supports the continuous flow of value.
  • Ensures systems always run.
  • No phase-gated processes (like architecture boards).