The most important foundation for a WordPress site, is the WordPress theme. I’m using the Nucleare Pro Theme. Nucleare is a classic blog theme with a crisp, elegant design and plenty of handy features. The Nucleare Pro version adds improved navigation (breadcrumps), progress indicator when loading page and number of views per post. To get help, visit the Cresta site, go to Themes, search for Nucleare and click Visit Demo. In the menu of the Demo page, you will find  explanations for short codes and post options.

I use different channels for different content.

  • For blog posts I use my blog
  • For videos I have a YouTube channel.
  • Documents are stored on OneDrive.
  • SourceCode is stored in a GitHub repository.

If you add a page via the admin dashboard this page will by default be added to the main menu at the top of your blog. You can however download a plugin Exclude Pages. This plugin will add an option Exclude this page from menu to the right-hand side bar.

Looking for the right colour? Go to: RapidTables.

Twitter is used for real-life client impressions, usually in the form of photos and a short text. I use the Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) plugin to show the last three Twitter posts on my blog.

For better performance, you can use the following link: Speed Optimization. I minimized the size of images, removed the page with videos and added caching. For testing the speed of your site, you can for instance use: Pingdom

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I’m using Yoast. You will find SEO improvement suggestions on each page. Note that a better performance of your site also gives higher ranking in search engines like Google.

A special plugin is the Text plugin. In this plugin you add your own custom html. I used the plugin to make my own toolbar with links to various social media providers and other cloud services like LinkedIn, GitHub and OneDrive.

I have tried to monetize my blog via InfoLinks. Unfortunately my site did not meet their publisher criteria. I also tried Google Adsense, but that didn’t work either. I think I simply don’t generate enough traffic. Too bad.