T he role of the architect is not as prominent in all cloud scenarios. Remember that Azure App Service is not a custom product, but a PaaS platform with a set architecture.

Link: Azure Architecture Center

Service Oriented Analysis

  • Service Types
  • Service Layers
  • Service Modeling Cycle (SMC)

Service Oriented Design

  • Service Design Principles applied to:
    • Azure App Services
    • REST
      • Swagger/WADL standards.
      • Security, mtom functionality, using headers.
      • JSON standards

Azure iPaaS Guidance

  • General guidelines
  • Subscriptions, Resource groups and App service plans
  • Guidelines for Azure components
  • Hybrid Integration
  • Monitoring
  • Visual Studio Team Services (CI/CD)

Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • Integration using asynchronuious messaging. Originallt related to EAI and Message Oriented Middleware. Still relevant for SOA: Services share Contract and exchange Messages.
  • Gregor Hohpe & Bobby Woolf (2003)

Quality Attributes (NFR's)

Suitability, robustness, agility, reliability, scalability, maintainability, recoverability, …