T he business consultant is in the lead when it comes to cloud adoption, not the architect. The reason for this is simple. The move to the cloud should be initiated by the business. It’s not a “technical party” initiated by the customer’s IT department.

Cloud Adoption Plan (CAP)

  • New Line on the Horizon
    • Cloud Scenario
    • Service Orientation applied to Azure App Services and REST
    • Advantages of the Cloud
  • The Client Story
    • Understanding the Business
    • Application Landscape
    • Key Scenarios, Peeks and Deadlines
    • Message Flows
    • Non-Functional Requirements
    • Client Aspirations
    • Cloud Readiness
    • Work under Architecture
    • Business in the Lead (Agile approach)
    • Give Insight into Costs
    • Focus on Business Continuity
    • Consider Support from the StartMoving to the Cloud
    • RoadMap
  • First steps
    • Cloud Inspiration Session
    • Reference Client Visit
    • Proof of Concept