Scheduled messaging via Azure Service Bus

This post describes how you can implement a sophisticated retry mechanism via Azure Service Bus using a configurable retry interval. There’s no out-of-the-box action you can use in logic apps, so you will have to revert to a custom Azure function using C# statement ScheduleMessageAsync.

Using diacritics in Http actions

To use diacritics (like à, é or ö) when calling a Soap service via an Http action, use content-type application/soap+xml and make sure the request message doesn’t contain any special characters. To compose the request message, use an Azure function as a last resort.

Useful Log Analytics queries

In this post we will show two Log Analytics queries, that will be a useful starting point for the rich Kusto Query Language. The first query shows a summary of the succesful and failed runs per Logic App. The second query shows information on all failed runs.

Private NuGet Feed

If you want to use custom assemblies as NuGet packages in Visual Studio and your DevOps pipelines, you will have to add your assembly to the Assemblies folder in DevOps first. Next go to the NuGet Package Manager settings in Visual Studio.

Four times Azure KeyVault

In Azure we can deal with secret values using Azure Key Vault. In this post we call Azure Key Vault four times. First from an api app or function, then from a logic app, then from an ARM template and finally from API Management.