Web Sockets versus TCP Sockets

The Azure Web PubSub Service can be used for real-time messaging applications using web sockets and the publish-subscribe pattern. We use subprotocol to exchange messages in JSON format. The actual xml message is a passed as a string via the data node.

PaaS vNext

PaaS vNext means you can deploy Azure Web Apps, Functions, Logic Apps, API Management and EventGrid to an Arc-enabled Kubernetes cluster, so not as a PaaS offering in the public cloud. Arc-enabled means that you can run the cluster anywhere: in an Azure VM, in the Amazon cloud, on the Google cloud platform or on premises. All in your own private compute space.

Lambda vs Kappa Architecture

Ideally Integration and BI work together on data ingestion, especially when the primary applications are outsourced to independent software vendors. But most often there’s no such cooperation. How come? Looking at the Lambda and the Kappa Architecture can be an interesting angle to reflect on the issue.

Secure LogicApp parameters

To parameterize a logic app with a secret value, you can use a parameter of type securestring in your logic app. In the parameter file, when specifying the value for the securestring parameter, you can refer to your keyvault instance and secretname.