Scale down SAFe

SAFe stands for scaled agile framework. In SAFe we can actually have two or three hundred scrum teams. But what if we only have two or three teams?
Can we tailor SAFe to be used at a smaller scale?


There are a number of useful Azure DevOps extensions related to agile working. One of them is Portfolio++. A free extension that let’s you create roadmaps with epics and features across teams.

Test Driven Design

TDD is linked to the notion of built-in quality. You don’t test quality as an afterthought, at the end of the process. You build in quality checks at the start of the process. In SAFe, the TDD approach is linked to the Gherkin Given When Then syntax. There’s a extension named Specflow, that you can use in Visual Studio.


Microsoft does have Azure AD B2C as a solution for CIAM, but for more complicated Customer Identity and Access Management scenarios Microft has no real offering. That’s the reason why you might consider specialized solutions like Auth0 (pronounce Auth Zero).