Parameterizing a Logic App

Parameterizing a Logic App can be a tedious exercise. This is why Jeff Hollan created the LogicApp Template Creator. First you will have to download the zip file from GitHub. Next you will have to extract it to a folder of your choice. For example: D:\LogicAppTemplateCreator\ The Logic App Template creator assumes you have deployed…

Cookie Authentication

For a client I had to implement cookie authentication to call a REST service for retrieving boiler statistics that were gathered in the context of an IoT solution. I had to call a login page unattended, retrieve the cookie and pass that to a GET call. I used an Azure Function to implement this scenario.

Azure Function Update

When using an old version of Azure Functions, you might run into an issue like “The WebHook verification request must contain a ‘code’ query parameter”. This means you can’t call the functionsfrom your logic app anymore. Upgrade to the latest version of Azure Functions and redeploy your logic apps. I’m not entirely sure, but things should work again.