Azure Website Hosting Options


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Azure Websites

  • Choose Azure Websites 99% of the time (Scott Guthrie)
  • Very little responsibility, but less control (relatively)
  • Support most popular web development frameworks (also non-Microsoft).
  • Frictionless deployment from VisualStudio or FTP. Deploy in seconds, host for free. Very l
  • You get very much out of the box: pay for use, monitoring, no hardware outages, scaling, no backups, no Windows updates.

Virtual machines

  • You have total control, but you have all the responsibility.
  • Setting up IIS, application pools, user accounts, file/folder permissions, access control, patches/hotfixes

Cloud services

  • Original cloud-based hosting option from Microsoft with web roles and worker roles.
  • You can use remote desktop and msi installers.
  • Differences with VM’s:
  • Out-of-the-box you have a staging environment and a production environment (virtual IP swap -> makes staging environment the production environment. Old production environment becomes the staging environment).
  • Automatic OS update management (hotfixes/patches).
  • Seamless platform switching (32-bit, 64-bit), but normally you always use 64 bit.
  • You can’t use FTP, webdeploy, no deploy from Git.

There’s no specific pricing difference if you use comparable scaling.