BRE resolver for itinerary fails

Procedure or function ‘Itinerary_getitinerary’ expects parameter ‘@name’, which was not supplied.

This error generally means that no itinerary name was returned from the resolver, in this case the BRI resolver. Either the resolver connection string is wrong or the BRE policy rule has an error that is causing itinerary resolution to fail.

The best way to debug is via DebugView. To enable tracing for ESB Toolkit:

  • Open C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v4.0.30319CONFIGmachine.config for 64-bit
  • Paste the following information under System.Diagnostics:

<add name=”BizTalkESBToolkit21″ value=”4″/>

  • Start the DebugView program (Download)
  • In DebugView, on the Capture menu, click Capture Global Win32 to make sure that it is checked.
  • In the BizTalk Server Administration console, restart the BizTalkServerApplication host instance.