Parameterizing Azure Artifacts

The traditional approach to parameterize logic apps and/or API Management services is to use parameter files. The disadvantage of using parameter files, is that you need developer assistance when you want to change the configuration. That’s no good because changing configuration is typically an operator’s responsibility, not a developer’s responsibility.

As an alternative to parameter files, you can use variable groups in your DevOps release definition. Variable groups can be maintained by operators who have access to your DevOps team project. Variable groups are better than pipeline variables, because variable groups can be reused across release definitions. You can for instance create a variable group to hold the API Management instance name and Application Insights resource for reuse across all API Management service releases. Below, the release definition in Accept is shown first. As you see, the ACC release contains only one step: Azure ResourceGroup Deployment. The setting that sets the variables is named Override Template Parameters. Next the definition of the variable group is shown.

Note that when you use DevOps to release an API Management service, you will have to use named values in addition to variable groups.