Troubleshooting DevOps Release Failures

When you use the DevOps release pipeline, it can sometimes be hard to understand the failure messages. Example:

In that case, you can go to the resource group in the Azure Portal and select menu option Deployments. You will find a line for the same error. The extra information helped me out a few times.

From the failure details you can tell something is wrong with the Application Insights resource connect-acc/authorizationservice/applicationinsights. The error message is: “Logger Id ‘\”cito-connect-test’ does not exist.

In this case the message is still rather cryptic. The issue in this case turned out to be, that I didn’t close the ApplicationInsights variable correctly with a double quote. This happened in task Azure Resource Group Deployment, Override Template Parameters.

-apimServiceName “$(apimServiceName)” -apimServiceName_applicationInsights “$(applicationInsights)