Logic App vs Flow

I wanted to create an approval worklow for Word documents stored in a Sharepoint library. The documents needed to be approved by an approval email. When approved, the documents were made read-only by converting them to PDF using custom connector Muhimbi. Question is: do I use Microsoft Flow or Logic Apps?

The most important thing to realize, is that Flow is a SaaS application and Logic Apps a PaaS application. Logic Apps, unlike Flow, can be developed in Visual Studio. From there you can create build and release pipelines for CI/CD via DevOps. You also need to realize that Flows are linked to Sharepoint lists or libraries. That means: no reuse, but rebuild per list/library.

Taking a step back: when do you really need a Logic App?

  • Enterprise-wide use instead of enhanced personal productivity.
  • Custom components that require coding.
  • Integration with primary applications. That’s why there’s some confusion about Sharepoint, because it’s an Office365 application for which you are inclined to use Flow.
  • Source control and automatic deployment via DevOps.
  • Expose process via API Management.