Call APIM service without subscriptionkey

When you define a service in API Management, you have to associate it with a specific subscription (= product). Now let’s say you can’t change the client. That means you can’t add a header with the ocp-apim-subscriptionkey. Question: Can you expose a service via API Management without the subscription key being sent as a part of headers?

This is the typical situation. We have a service named the ProductService which we associated with the Starter subscription.

Now the trick is to change the settings of the Starter product and disable the option to require a subscription.

By disabling this option you are actually saying, subscription is not required for the service. This actually means you don’t have to add the ocp-apim-subscriptionkey when calling the API Management service. Problem solved!

An alternative, less preferable solution is described in the following post:  Calling an API Management service.

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