Fileshare on Azure File Storage

You can create a file share of max 5TB in Azure Storage. It’s meant to replace or supplement on-premise file servers. See: Microsoft Link. To access the file share you will need Azure storage Account name and key. You can also generate a Shared Access Signature (SAS) with limited rights and expiry date, but SAS keys are currently not supported for mounting in Windows Explorer.

To create a file share via the Azure Portal:

You can access the file share via:

  • Windows Explorer. Easiest approach.
  • Azure Storage Explorer. Disadvantage: you will need an extra tool.
  • Azure Portal (Storage Accounts / Files). Disadvantage: Access needed to Azure Portal.

As an example I created a file share motion10-sales (lower-case only) under storage account motion10storagedev.

To access via Windows Explorer or Powershell (Run as Administrator):

The simplest approach is probably to use Windows Explorer. For that you need the file share, the account name and the account key.
FileShare: \\\motion10-sales\
Accountname: AZURE\motion10storagedev (always prefix with AZURE, not Motion10 in this case)
Accountkey: f4AZc2osOiJuL…

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