Parameterize logic apps

When trying to deploy a logic app via VSTS, I got an error stating: The workflow parameter ‘APIM_URL_Suffix’
is not found. I checked the LogicApp.parameters.json file and actually found the parameter in the parameter
file. So, how come it doesn’t work?

I found a very valuable post at:

From this link I learned there is a difference between ARM template parameters and logic app parameters. The parameters stored in LogicApp.parameters.json are ARM template parameters. To use those you need to work use the following syntax: [parameters(‘myparameter’)]. So, you need to use square brackets.

If you try to use ARM template parameters as a part of a workflow definition language statement, you have
to use the ARM template concat function. For example:
“template”: “[concat(‘/’, uriComponent(uriComponent(parameters(‘APIM_URL_Suffix’))), ‘/’, uriComponent
(uriComponent(parameters(‘MessageConnector’))), ‘/api/message/GetClienteleSyncDateTime’)]”

As we can see, the existing Workflow Definition Language function of encodeURIComponent() has been replaced
with template function uriComponent().

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