Using Git

GIT is a decentralized version source control (DVCS) system where you work on a local repository that you can synchronize with a central repository so that other team members can use your code. A very useful branching model for Git is called GitFlow. This model is developed by Vincent Driessen and is targeted at making parallel development easy by using a master branch and a develop branch as a starting point. From the develop branch, you can make feature branches and release branches. From the master branch – which is production like always – you can create hotfix branches.

An excellent explanation of GitFlow can be found at: Explanation by Vincent Driessen

A very useful GIT client is SourceTree, which you can download for free via the following download link: SourceTree

There are also tools for easy Visual Studio integration.

A good explanation is provided here: Link

At the Visual Studio Market Place (Link) you can search for GIT. Here you’ll find:

  • Visual Studio Tools for Git (work with local Git repository)
  • GitHub Extension for Visual Studio (work with remote/central Git repository)