Reconfigure BizTalk

Let’s say you have a configured BizTalk Server in development with a few applications running and various custom host instances. Let’s say you configured BizTalk using a local admin account and instead you wanna configure BizTalk with a domain admin account. Enterprise SSO and all BizTalk host instances have to be running under the domain admin account. Can you reconfigure BizTalk just like that?

Well, that depends. First of all you need to have a backup of the master secret (a *.bak file). No master secret means you can’t reconfigure an existing BizTalk configuration. Next the domain admin account needs to be member of the local group BizTalk Server Administrators. Check if that’s the case before you go to BizTalk Configuration and choose to unconfigure all features.

When you configure all features you can select which services to unconfigure. You can unconfigure all BAM services first. As you will notice the BizTalk BAM databases will not be deleted on unconfigure. That means you can join an existing BizTalk installation. No new BAM databases will installed, but the existing BAM databases will be reused. Now you can unconfigure SSO and all the other services. Like I said, after unconfigure you can join an existing BizTalk group on reconfigure.

After reconfiguring BizTalk you will always have to restore the master secret via the Visual Studio command prompt. The command is: ssoconfig –restoreSecret *.bak.

After performing the above actions, you can open the BizTalk Admin Console. You will notice that all BizTalk applications are still available. The only thing you will have to do is reconfigure the BizTalk hosts, host instances and adapter handlers. Normally you will have a script for this.