Publish API App Azure SDK 2.9.5

I had to look up the new approach to publish an API App to Azure using the Azure SDK 2.9.5. I used this post on For sake of simplicity, I summarize the necessary steps.

  1. Right-click Api App project and select [Publish].
  2. Click Microsoft Azure App Service.
  3. Select you subscription and click [New].
  4. Check in the Change Type drop-down box if Api App is selected.
  5. Specify a unique API App Name.
  6. Select a resource group and app service plan.
  7. Click [Create]. A publish profile is created for you. The publish dialog is automatically opened.
  8. On tab Settings enables you to change the build configuration to debug for remote debugging.
  9. After publish you get a standard web page. Add /swagger to the address to get the Swagger UI.
  10. In the Azure Portal. Go to App Services and select the newly added API App. Go to API Definition to find the URL for the Swagger metadata. Recall: this is the address of the API with /swagger/docs/v1 appended to it. You can use this URL to generate a testclient.