Lambda vs Kappa Architecture

Ideally Integration and BI work together on data ingestion, especially when the primary applications are outsourced to independent software vendors. But most often there’s no such cooperation. How come? Looking at the Lambda and the Kappa Architecture can be an interesting angle to reflect on the issue.

Scale down SAFe

SAFe stands for scaled agile framework. In SAFe we can actually have two or three hundred scrum teams. But what if we only have two or three teams?
Can we tailor SAFe to be used at a smaller scale?

Azure File Storage

Suppose you want to move on-premise file storage to Azure File Storage. If you need to stick to file storage (not blob storage), consider using HubStor, Storage Migration Service and Azure File Sync. Keep the file storage footprint small and move to cheaper blob storage tiers.

Low Code via OutSystems

LowCode platforms are a very important trend to catch up with. Check out this link. If you look at the Gartner Magic Quadrant, OutSystems is among the top LowCode service providers. The video below gives a good introduction to the OutSystems platform with Service Studio as the development environment. Within our company, OutSystems was first…

Micro Services

Micro services are regular REST services with a narrow functional scope. Micro services don’t implement full CRUD functionality, but just a one or more POST methods. Micro services and their underlying resources are deployed in a single container. Containerization gives micro services specific performance and reliability benefits that sets them apart from other types of…

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) provides processes for collecting, aggregating, matching, consolidating, quality-assuring, persisting and distributing critical business data throughout an organization to ensure a common understanding, consistency, accuracy and control of those critical business data. At a basic level, master data management seeks to ensure that an organization does not use multiple (potentially inconsistent) versions…

AD On-Prem and Azure AD

Most often, people think Azure AD is just another copy of Active Directory in the cloud. Despite the similarity in names, this is actually not the case. Active Directory is a true directory service with a hierarchical structure. hierarchical structure is created using organizational units (OUs) and Group Policy Objects (GPOs). on-premises you can connect…

Azure B2B versus Azure B2C

Trying to get your head around Azure B2B versus Azure B2C. I found an excellent YouTube video by John Savill. Check it out: Azure B2B Is used in conjunction with Azure AD, no separate product. Is used to give business partners access to all resources that are linked to Azure Active Directory. This can be…