Web Sockets versus TCP Sockets

The Azure Web PubSub Service can be used for real-time messaging applications using web sockets and the publish-subscribe pattern. We use subprotocol to exchange messages in JSON format. The actual xml message is a passed as a string via the data node.

PaaS vNext

PaaS vNext means you can deploy Azure Web Apps, Functions, Logic Apps, API Management and EventGrid to an Arc-enabled Kubernetes cluster, so not as a PaaS offering in the public cloud. Arc-enabled means that you can run the cluster anywhere: in an Azure VM, in the Amazon cloud, on the Google cloud platform or on premises. All in your own private compute space.

Secure LogicApp parameters

To parameterize a logic app with a secret value, you can use a parameter of type securestring in your logic app. In the parameter file, when specifying the value for the securestring parameter, you can refer to your keyvault instance and secretname.