Expose Azure Function via API Management

When exposing an Azure Function via API Management, the most important thing to remember is that each function has a function key that can be dynamically retrieved via function listsecrets. To make the function deployment work, you will have to add an application Setting AzureWebJobsSecretStorageType=Files to your FunctionApp.

Introducing Serverless360

Managing and monitoring of iPaaS applications via the Azure Portal only is often not enough. Via the Azure Portal, we can get insights into a single logic app or servicebus, but we will not have an overview of the entire process. Serverless360 formerly actually fills the gap. It allows for monitoring at the application level as well as a consolidated monitoring view.

Exception Handling in Logic Apps

You can implement exception handling in Logic Apps via the RunAfter construct at the scope level. When you specify exception handling at the scope level, exception handling is enabled on all contained actions and and an array of failed action responses is returned. That sounds good, but there are a few snags to take into account.