Trade Azure, don’t just code

A s of now most midcap businesses don’t ask themselves if they wanna go to the cloud. They wonder when and how to move to the cloud. The business case for cloud adoption has many sides. Cloud adoption is simply not a one-trick pony. You can achieve significant cost savings over a traditional data center or you can quickly build robust, resilient applications that can scale up and down as traffic spikes or recedes. We distinguish among the following cloud scenarios:

  • Hybrid Platform. BizTalk will remain the primary system for on-premises integrations. Azure iPaaS will be used for connecting to external clients, suppliers and other partners. Azure API Management will act as the central gateway. An important technical challenge is to establish a connection between the cloud environment and the on-premises environment.
  • Cloud migration. You have a monolithic application on premise that is becoming ever more expensive to support and inflexible to change. Think of a mainframe system, a large ERP implementation or a custom legacy application. You want to move this application to the cloud.
  • Cloud Service Bus. You use BizTalk Server on premise. You have an old, unsupported version you want to replace or you simply look for a good BizTalk alternative. You don’t opt to install BizTalk on IaaS.
  • Native cloud application. You want to implement a new process. You think of a cloud solution instead of a on-premise solution.
  • API Management. In the API economy services are everywhere. You may want to use external services or SaaS applications. You may want to expose internal data via services. You may want to onboard new clients fast and easy. API Management let’s you do all of this in a controlled way with a clear repository and centralized policies for security and other important matters.

The cloud is a fast changing world. Interested? Switch lanes to Azure! Please contact me via the Contact page.